Automatic Shoes Sole Cleaner เครื่องทำความสะอาดรองเท้าอัตโนมัติ ระบบน้ำ

Automatic Shoes Sole Cleaner เครื่องทำความสะอาดรองเท้าอัตโนมัติ ระบบน้ำ


The wet type shoes sole cleaner - "Automatic Shoes Sole Cleaner" cleans and washes shoes sole without raising dust or spraying water.
When human being steps on the deck, brush at this cleaner machine is activated automatically to clean and wash soles perfectly by Sensor. Its effects are so perfect and same as a wipe with a wet cloth on the floor.


Features of Automatic Shoes Sole Cleaner

  • This equipment get rid of dust, dirt, soil and such kinds of contaminants on the bottom of shoes sole perfectly.
  • It can be used with the exclusive detergent.
  • The exclusive detergent improves cleaning & washing power.

1. Operation by water

Shoes soles are soaked while they are cleaned and washed.
Thus, without raising dust or spraying water, bottom of shoes soles perfectly clean and wash.

2. Rolling Brush

When human being steps on the deck, Sensor automatically detects his movement. Then, rolling brush will be spinning horizontally from the right to left to get rid of dust, dirt, soil and such kinds and such kinds of containments on shoes sole perfectly.

Where to use

It can be installed at the entrance of any building and at the various working area below.

Corporate offices, all factories (Semiconductor, Electronics, Electric, IT, Telecommunications, Pharmaceutic, Food, etc). Air shower room, Hotel, Waiting room, Theather, Hospital, Museum, Library, School, Restaurant, Cafeteria ans such kinds of all areas where Cleanliness & Hyginee is required.



Dimension 730×545×970 730×1,150×970 730×1,090×970 730×1,635×970
Weight 35㎏ 70㎏ 70㎏ 98㎏
Consumption 40W 40W 80W 120W
Power AC220V 50/60Hz
Water Tank 10L 10L 20L 30L

Name of Each Part

Absorption Mat Types

Type"M" Type"L" Type
Dimension 495 x 415 x 50 550x 470 x 50
Weight 8Kg 10Kg

The Exclusive Detergent

Volume 2L, 10L

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