ESD Personal Test Station BFN-TW1018-II Shoes & Wrist Strap Tester

ESD Personal Test Station BFN-TW1018-II Shoes Tester & Wrist Strap Tester

เครื่องวัดตรวจสอบรองเท้า esd และสายรัดข้อมือ Shoes Tester & Wrist Strap Tester

- สามารถวัด Shoes Tester & Wrist Strap Tester

- หน้าจอจะมี Fix Scale บอกค่า display show is Hi # Pass # Low เป็นต้น

- รองรับ ASFF-9U Tester, (U.S. standards), (European standards)

- มี Out put สามารถเชื่อมต่อกับระบบเปิดปิด หรือประตูได้


ESD Personal Test Station is a wrist strap and independent footwear tester system, which was created to fill a growing demand for a dependable, low cost and easy-to-use test mechanism for personnel grounding devices. It is available as ASFF-9U Tester, (U.S. standards) a 750-kohms to 10-Mohms range for wrist straps and 750kohms to 100Mohms range for footwear and ASFF-9E Tester (European standards) a 750-kohms to 35-Mohms range for both wrist straps and footwear


* ESD Personal Test Station, TW1018-II

* Working condition: Temperature 0~50℃, RH20%~85%, in-house use.

* Power Supply: DC 9V

* Power alarm: LCD will light when battery voltage <6.5V

* Test time: <1 Sec

* Measuring accuracy: ±10%

* Test Range for Wrist Strap: 750-kohms to 10-Mohms (U.S. standards); 750-kohms to 35-Mohms (European standards)

* Test Range for Footwear 750kohms to 100Mohms  (U.S. standards); 750-kohms to 35-Mohms (European standards)

* Color: black

* Material: ABS plastic

* Dimension: (D*W*H) 117mm×97mm×33mm

* Weight: 265g (checker, not include battery)

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