ESD Plastic Box

SD circulation box / ESD Container box / ESD component box

           The Anti-static circulation box has  strong mechanical properties. Antistatic turnover box can effectively release accumulated charge surface, making it won't produce charge accumulation and high potential difference; With tenacity wear-resisting, moistureproof prevent corrosion, heat insulation effects, and electronic components and products, and it's Non-toxic, tasteless, moistureproof, corrosion resistance, light weight, durable, can be stacked, appearance is luxuriant.
are widely used for production process flow load - packing - storage and transportation


  • made of conductive plastic material PP 
  • ideal for storage, transport and handling of electronic components
  • made from China 
  • forward resistance <10e4-6 Ohm
  • resistant to most acids and oils 
  • withstands temperatures from -20C to +80 C 
  • dimensionally stable 
  • suitable for manual or automatic handling 
  • robust walls reinforced with ribs 
  • easy to clean 
  • fully recycable

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