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ProfilGate Cleaning Wheel & Tire System

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ProfilGate sti p 45 portable Dry & Wet system

ProfilGate Tire Cleaning Forklift, Hand Lift, Caster, Car...

ProfilGate Tire Cleaning AGV Vehicle

ProfilGate Brushed in Action Tire & Wheel Cleaning

ProfilGate Wet System for Food Industry Sterilize function, Hygienic gate

ProfilGate Tire & Wheel Trailer

Sample Result After Installation.

Customer Business: Automotive Product

Period time: After installed 1 month

Model: B65 for Wheel cleaning (6 segments) 

Path of Size: W1436(ramp +600) * L2940(ramp +1000) mm. (Installation above the ground flooring)

Frequency of use: 300-400 time/ Day

Visitors: 164,508